From the monks of New Melleray Abbey

Ora et labora

Bringing comfort in a time of loss.

Bringing comfort in a time of loss.


The monks of New Melleray Abbey offer caskets and urns that are crafted in the rural quiet of the monastery, by hands accustomed to prayer. Allow our rich tradition and humble calling to join you on your journey to honor the life of a loved one.


The unique experience of a Trappist Casket

  • Each casket is handcrafted and blessed by the Trappist monks of New Melleray.
  • We use premium woods from our sustainable forest, and only the finest materials, inside and out.
  • Available for immediate delivery or for later delivery as part of our pre-planning program.

#1 Premium Rectangular Casket
$3700 – $4700

#2 Premium Shaped Casket
$3500 – $4300

#3 Simple Shaped Casket
$1900 – $3000

#4 Simple Rectangular Casket
$1600 – $2600

Clergy Casket

Child Casket


We offer our own finely crafted wooden urns in native Walnut and Cherry.

Our Wooden Urns are designed for an individual. They are made from the highest quality wood, selected for its distinctive color and grain, and finished with a clear lacquer that enhances the beauty of the wood.

Like every Trappist Casket, each finely crafted wooden urn is made in the prayerful environment of New Melleray Abbey and individually blessed by a monk. The name of your loved one is also inscribed in our Memorial book. All urns are built to industry standards.

We keep an inventory of our urns for immediate shipment. All urns cost $45 to ship ground anywhere in the U.S. Expedited shipping is available upon request.

Premium Urn  $700

Standard Urn  $450

Rustic Urn  $450

Simple Urn  $375

How to Order

We believe the purchase of a casket is a deeply sacred and personal experience. We offer an inventory of ready-to-ship caskets and urns in all makes and models. We can help you the best if you call us directly. Together we will arrive at a personalized decision for you.

Call us now if you need a casket or urn shipped immediately:


(Answered 24 hours a day)

Additional Information

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT.
Summer Friday Hours:
(Memorial Day thru Labor Day) 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. CT.

If your needs are urgent, please leave a message with our 24-hour answering service and we will return your call immediately.

Caskets are shipped via our own truck within the region, reliable over-the-road freight carriers, or by overnight air freight. Urns are typically shipped via Ground. For Shipping estimates and delivery options, please contact our office at 888-433-6934.

Deliveries can be made to funeral homes, private residences, or other destinations. We will have your casket or urn delivered in 1-2 business days to most destinations. We will gladly work with you to determine the best shipping option to meet your needs. Extra charges may apply for weekend delivery.

Shipping Charges
Options and quotes will be discussed when you call. Urns cost $45 to ship via ground with expedited shipping available upon request.

Payment Options
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, Money Order or personal check for all orders. Please call to discuss payment options.



Our keepsake crosses are also crafted from the finest native walnut, oak and cherry. Every casket and urn comes with an optional keepsake cross. Crosses may be personalized with engraving, and additional crosses are available as mementos. Guest Register Books can be also personalized in memory of your loved one.

Crosses     $15 – 30

Guest Register Book     $160

Plaques    $125

Contact Us

Trappist Caskets
16632 Monastery Road
Peosta, IA 52068

Toll Free: 888-433-6934
Local: 563-585-0793
Fax: 563-690-3817

Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT.

Summer Friday Hours:
(Memorial Day thru Labor Day)  8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. CT

If your needs are urgent, please leave a message with our 24-hour answering service and we will return your call immediately. Outside normal business hours, a 24-hour answering service will take your call and inform us of needs requiring immediate attention. For questions about our products, and all other inquiries, email us at or fill out the form below.

Contact Form

Advanced Planning

Arrangements on Your Own Terms

Advanced planning allows you to make the decisions about your purchase of a Trappist Casket ahead of time and locks in your price. You make the choices on your own terms and your family can find comfort in knowing that your wishes are being met.

How it Works
An advanced-planning purchase is an agreement that is set up ahead of time. After you make the purchase, which sets your price, your choice of casket and options are reserved. As soon as we are notified of the need, the casket will be delivered to the designated location, typically in 1 to 2 business days. Your wishes will be honored and you can rest assured your casket will be available for immediate shipment.

If you are interested in this arrangement, please fill out the Advanced-Planning Purchase Order Form below and we will send you a contract for your review and approval. If the contract is agreeable, provide your signature and payment in full. Once received, we will finish the processing and your prearrangement is complete.

Advanced Planning Form

Please complete the form below to make Pre-Need arrangements with Trappist Caskets. If you need a casket within the next six months, do not use this form, instead please call us at 888-433-6934.

Please Note: 

We do not offer Advanced Purchase in the following states: AL, AR, DC, ME, MI, MT, NY, ND, SC, SD, VT, and WY due to the fact that every state has it’s own regulations and these states do not allow for Advanced Planning.

We do not offer Cherry or Walnut Caskets for Advance Purchase due to future supply uncertainties.

Privacy Guarantee
All personal information provided to Trappist Caskets will be securely protected and will be used exclusively for the above stated purposes. As cloistered monks, we are well practiced in the art of privacy.
Purchaser Information

Request a Catalog

Complete this form to receive your catalog. You may also download our catalog or our current price list as PDFs for immediate use.

We mail to U.S. addresses only.

Request Form

  • PLEASE NOTE: We only accept requests from the lower 48 United States.


“We ordered by phone and were surprised at how quickly the casket arrived the next day – and in perfect condition. Your workmanship is truly a lost art. Praise be to God for your ministry.”

Gary, Littlefield, TX

“I must also express my continuing thanks and gratefulness for the way my casket order was taken care of. From beginning to end, it was both easy and, most importantly, a moment of Christian faith and hope.”

Pamela, Chicago, IL

I ordered a simple casket for my Mother. The picture on the website doesn’t adequately convey the beauty of your work. You could tell that loving hands put it together. The workmanship was remarkable. Many of our relatives and friends commented on how surprised they were by the “soft” look of this casket, compared to a metal one. We were very pleased, and I believe my mother would have liked our choice.

Mary Jane, Redondo Beach, CA

“I purchased a fine casket from New Melleray Abbey for my own personal use. I offer my testimony about the hand-crafted quality of Trappist Caskets. When someone purchases a Trappist Casket, they are not only obtaining a unique piece of craftsmanship, but they are helping to sustain the spiritual power of the Abbey.”

His Eminence Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for helping me pre-arrange my casket. Your wonderful caskets embody everything a monastery product should be – honest design with respect for the materials used. Now my sons won’t have to wonder “what would Mom want?”

Jean, San Francisco, CA

“As a funeral director, it’s great to be able to offer Trappist Caskets to the families I serve. Craftsmanship such as this stands leagues apart. People come to our funeral home because they know we carry your products.”

Dan Ciha, Ciha Funeral Home, Iowa City, IA

Help Bring Comfort, the Child Casket Fund

At New Melleray Abbey, the monks view the crafting of child caskets as a corporal work of mercy, and a way to bring some small measure of comfort to families who bear the tragedy of burying a child. The Child Casket Fund is an opportunity for benefactors to help alleviate stress during a trying time, by eliminating the financial burden to families who are in need of a child’s casket. Donations to the fund are accepted to help defray the costs of materials and labor.

The donation of child caskets to families is an important ministry of the monks of New Melleray Abbey. The monks feel this is a small way to touch the lives of people in the outside world, while remaining true to their vocation.

To donate by mail, please address your check to New Melleray Abbey – Child Casket Fund and mail to:

New Melleray Abbey
6632 Melleray Circle
Peosta, IA 52068

If you have any further questions, we at Trappist Caskets invite you to talk with us by calling 888-433-6934.

Thank you for your generosity.

Caskets and urns unlike anything else available.


Each casket is made in the prayerful environment of the monastery.


Handcrafted by Trappist monks and skilled artisans.


The monastery forest is a sustainable source of lumber.


We provide a unique alternative to generic, mass produced caskets.