Youth Casket in Natural Oak


Youth Casket in Natural Oak - Interior View

Premium Casket Handle

Trappist Caskets cast emblem handle, standard on all caskets.

Premium Casket Handle

Keepsake cross rests in lid.


63″L x 20.75″W x 15″H
65″L x 23.625″W x 17″H

Youth Casket

Life is full of mystery. One of the greatest and most painful mysteries of all is the death of a child. The monks at New Melleray Abbey offer no easy explanation for so grievous a loss.

As an important ministry of the monks of New Melleray Abbey, caskets are offered in compassion and faith at no cost to families who have lost a child. We invite the family in need of a child casket to contact us directly so that we may assist in helping at this difficult time.

By providing children’s caskets, the monks’ prayer is that all children will be commended to God’s love and care forever. Each child casket is artisan crafted from premium red oak and comes with a personalized keepsake cross. Every child provided a Trappist Casket is remembered in a Mass said by our monks and, as a living memorial, we plant a red oak seedling in the spring on the Abbey grounds in honor of each child who is buried in one of our caskets.

Child caskets come with our premium features: a natural muslin-upholstered interior with the upholstery upgrade, beveled panels and edge, and a two-coat clear lacquer finish to protect the red oak construction. This casket comes with our hinged two-piece lid.

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