From the monks of New Melleray Abbey

Ora et labora

Bringing comfort in a time of loss.

Though all earthly things pass away, a casket is a meaningful gesture honoring a life lived and a life to come. Whether you have just lost a loved one, or you are planning for the future to ease the burden on your loved ones, Trappist Caskets wants to come along side you during this time.

The unique experience of a Trappist Casket

  • Each casket is handcrafted and blessed by the Trappist monks of New Melleray.
  • We use premium woods from our sustainable forest, and only the finest materials, inside and out.
  • Available for immediate delivery or for later delivery as part of our pre-planning program.


our handcrafted wooden urns are made from the finest native walnut, oak and cherry. Our ceramic urns are hand-thrown. Like every Trappist Casket, each finely crafted wooden urn is made in the prayerful environment of New Melleray Abbey and individually blessed by a monk.


Our keepsake crosses are also crafted from the finest native walnut, oak and cherry. Every casket and urn comes with an optional keepsake cross. Crosses may be personalized with engraving, and additional crosses are available as mementos. Guest Register Books can be also personalized in memory of your loved one.

Plan ahead.

Advanced planning allows you to make decisions about your purchase of a Trappist Casket ahead of time, and guarantees the price. Your family can find comfort in knowing that your wishes are being met.

Help bring comfort.
The Child Casket Fund

The Child Casket Fund gives individuals the opportunity to contribute to the cost of a child casket, to help alleviate the burden families face during this difficult time.

Plan ahead.

Call us now if you need a casket or urn shipped immediately:


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Caskets and urns unlike anything else available.


Each casket is made in the prayerful environment of the monastery.


Handcrafted by Trappist monks and skilled artisans.


The monastery forest is a sustainable source of lumber.


We provide a unique alternative to cold, mass-produced steel caskets.

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