#1 Premium Rectangular Stained Oak Casket


#1 Premium Rectangular Stained Oak Casket - Interior View


Engraved Clergy Plaque


Engraved Deacon Plaque


Removable Deacon Cross

Premium Casket Handle

Trappist Caskets cast emblem handle, standard on all caskets.

Premium Casket Handle

Keepsake cross rests in lid.

Clergy Casket

Any Trappist Casket is suitable for use by clergy. All of our caskets have 2-piece lids that can be removed for full-couch viewing.

As an option, the name of the priest or deacon and dates of birth, ordination, and death can be engraved on a removable keepsake plaque. This plaque can be displayed on the inside of the upper lid of the #1 Premium Rectangular Casket for viewing during the wake service. With all other casket styles, the plaque can be placed on an easel for display.

Optional full-couch upholstery for the #1 Premium Rectangular Casket is available for an additional charge.

A removable Deacon Cross can be engraved on the lid, in place of the traditional keepsake cross.

* Please note – We do not offer a one-piece lid with the clergy casket.

Options Pricing

Full-couch Upholstery